Club Teaching Professional

Ballinrobe Golf Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Sean Whelan, PGA Professional, as the Club’s new Teaching Professional.

Sean is available for individual or group lessons and can be contacted on (087) 756-9175 or by e-mail at

A Note From Sean…

I would like to thank the Council and members of Ballinrobe Golf Club, for allowing me the opportunity of becoming the Teaching Professional at the club. I have been involved with the juniors for the last two years and have enjoyed it immensely.

I am a firm believer, that professional tuition can benefit golfers of all levels (from the inexperienced beginner, to the elite player). The most important thing for me during a golf lesson is communication, for that reason I try to keep each lesson as simple as possible. The golf swing is not a difficult movement as long as we have the correct foundations (e.g. stance, posture, grip, ball position) in place to allow the movement to happen. If we have good basics at set up it gives us a much better chance of hitting consistent golf shots.

Always remember that the lesson is only part of what needs to be done to improve, practicing the changes after, is probably more important than the lesson itself. “PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT NOT PERFECT”, you will only reach your full potential by practicing correctly. With such great practice facilities in the club, they should be used and enjoyed by all members.

I will be offering group coaching on short game and other areas of the game during the coming year, dates and details will appear on the web-site and the notice boards in the clubhouse beforehand. I look forward to working with many of the members and visitors to the club this year. Remember, playing well makes the round even more enjoyable.



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